Find Out How Much Your Twitter Account Is Worth

Want to find out just how much all that tweeting and retweeting has paid off? Try out this cute, simple app that tells you just how much money your Twitter account would get you if you sold it.

“What’s My Twitter Account Worth?” does some nifty behind-the-scenes calculations to tell you just how much your Twitter account would be worth, if you sold it. Of course, we’re not quite sure how you would go about selling your Twitter account, but nonetheless it’s interesting to see how much money you’ve racked up with all of your Twitter activity.

Just visit the app’s website and enter your Twitter username into the box in the center of the page. “What’s My Twitter Account Worth?” will then compute your very own dollar figure and display a little badge that you can put on your website or share on Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, if your Twitter account isn’t worth that much, you might not want to share it with the world.

It’s fun to compare your Twitter account’s monetary value with the “big-boys” of Twitter: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and the rest of the Twitter elite. Lady Gaga, the number-one Twitter user in terms of followers, could apparently earn a cool $9,467,229 if she sold off her Twitter account somehow. And even a Charlie Sheen impersonation account (which hasn’t posted anything since May 2009), could earn more than $30,000.

Despite these big numbers, don’t feel bad if your Twitter account is only worth a few bucks though – you’re not, after all, tweeting for money, are you?

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