Find Out Who Facebook Thinks You’re Searching For

Use this bookmarklet to see who Facebook thinks you are looking for the most on its search engine.

Facebook comes up with its search results in a curious way. It seems that the order is based on who you interact with, whose profile you look at and who you have recently become friends with. But how can we be sure of that?

Jeremy Keeshin wrote a bookmarklet that allows you to see how much Facebook thinks you are looking for a person.

Granted, you already know who your closest friends are, but it can be a bit off-putting to see the list and numbers Facebook comes up with.

To see your list, go to Keeshin’s blog and drag the image or link into your browser’s bookmark bar. Then, log in on Facebook and click the bookmarklet.

A pop-up with your Facebook friend rankings will appear. The more negative the number, the more Facebook thinks you are searching for them.

According to Keeshin, his bookmarklet was tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If it doesn’t work on Chrome, try creating a new bookmark with the javascript as the URL.

If you have https on, it won’t work. Disable that temporarily by going to Account Settings/Security/Secure Browsing.

Keeshin came up with his bookmarklet while building his own website and checking Facebook’s autocomplete results. He found that there are probably two files, one that loads your first degree friends and one that loads your first degree pages and events.

Facebook attaches an index number to each result. The lower the number, the earlier they show up on your search results. It’s an interesting look that makes you wonder how Facebook’s algorithm works.

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