Fine Cooking to Readers: Cook the Issue

The current economy has cooked many magazines, but Fine Cooking wants its readers to start cooking its issues, launching its Cook the Issue initiative with its April/May issue and extending through the February/March 2011 issue.

Cook the Issue encourages readers to try out recipes, share their experiences online, and upload photos to a gallery, as well as offering live chats with Fine Cooking test-kitchen editors to answer recipe questions — usually only available to Cooks Club members — to all readers.

Fine Cooking editor Laurie Buckle said:

We’re the only major food magazine that’s 100 percent about cooking, and we attract readers who enjoy the challenge and the fun of cooking. Fine Cooking says, “We bring out the cook in you,” and the invitation to “Cook the Issue” really gets people’s juices flowing.

We asked readers to “Cook the Issue” for just one of our issues last year and we got a huge response. A surprising number actually cooked every recipe in that issue. Our readers’ participation in the postings, blogging, and picture gallery genuinely created its own community and actually brought the recipes to life. And this year, that energy will be magnified across the seasons throughout the year. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.