Fine Leather Goods for Your iPad? Griffin Teams with Col. Littleton

There are some tools that take a step beyond their intended function and become fashion statements. Watches and pens are two that come to mind. And, it looks like the iPad just joined that group based on a set of cases for it that I just learned about. I hesitate to use the word “cases” to describe these iPad as-a-fashion-statement products.

Griffin, the well-known maker of accessories for many Apple products, teams with Americana products maker Col. Littleton Workshop to produce high-end leather accessories for the iPad.

Griffin + Col. Littleton

I was not aware of Col. Littleton Workshop and just saw what looked to me to be a nice protective portfolio for the iPad. I didn’t realize it was high end product until I saw the nearly eye popping $349.50 to $357.50 price tag. Now, I understand that fine leather goods are not cheap. So, I’m not criticizing the price. I was merely surprised because I expected to see a price in the $50 to $100 range.

No. 21 Portfolio for iPad

The iPad is not just a tool, folks. It is a way of life.

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