First On-Device Windows Phone 7 Screenshot by an Ordinary Blogger (me)?

In the previous blog post, I wrote about Microsoft Research’s amazing Windows Phone 7 software development app that lets you write software for Windows Phone right on the phone itself.

Microsoft Research TouchStudio Makes Windows Phone a Game Changing Platform: Prepare to be Amazed

However, I held back one piece of information that seemed like it should be highlighted on its own. If you read through the API (Application Programming Interface) documentation that is provided in the app itself, you’ll find a function named screenshot() in the Phone section of the library. One of the big problems with Windows Phone is that it doesn’t provide a built-in screen capture utility to help people share information about apps. There isn’t even a third party app that lets an end-user like me to create a screenshot. That’s why all of my Windows Phone 7 screen images have been photographs of my HTC HD7 phone’s display – up until now.

Take a look at that screenshot to the left. It may not appear impressive looking. But, it the first actual on-device screen shot of Windows Phone 7 that I been able to perform. In fact, it may be the first on-device Windows Phone 7 screen shot published by an ordinary blog writer like myself.

Windows Phone 7 is not multi-tasking. So, I can’t use this facility to take screenshots outside of TouchStudio itself. However, it is a start.

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