Fish and Fashion on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Like a Duran Duran cover band in the 1990s, Fish Friends seems somewhat out of place atop this week’s list of emerging Facebook games still under a million users, as measured by gains in monthly active users. The fish fad hit its peak several months ago (lifetimes, in the eyeblink world of social games), but the Playdom game is defying the trend cycles to become quite popular.

Facebook actually hasn’t updated Fish Friends’ stats for several days, so it probably has even more new users than you’re seeing on our AppData list below:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Fish Friends 505,480 +232,227 +84.99
2. Mall World 401,686 +214,043 +114.07
3. Hızlı Yaz 249,918 +92,731 +58.99
4. Car Madness 533,794 +73,880 +16.06
5. Evony 202,660 +68,257 +50.79
6. 武俠風雲 275,226 +65,094 +30.98
7. My Tribe 314,296 +60,527 +23.85
8. Daily Tarot Cards 264,017 +52,994 +25.11
9. NanoTowns 468,912 +51,901 +12.45
10. RockFREE 341,091 +49,268 +16.88
11. Fashion City 418,998 +47,579 +12.81
12. Warstorm 762,009 +42,107 +5.85
13. Island Life 635,835 +41,562 +6.99
14. Platinum Life: Web Edition BETA 116,728 +38,894 +49.97
15. Safari Kingdom 121,989 +37,821 +44.94
16. Know-It-All Trivia 782,014 +36,397 +4.88
17. Spot The Difference 616,202 +35,572 +6.13
18. Top Gun 272,785 +34,926 +14.68
19. DoubleDown Casino Blackjack 155,188 +32,797 +26.80
20. Keyboard SMASH! 215,374 +32,579 +17.82

Coming in second is Mall World, a game by indie developer 50 Cubes that’s actually fairly unusual in its misandristic attention to the shopping habits of women (you can’t even pick a male avatar). We just reviewed the game yesterday.

Hızlı Yaz is a Turkish-language app that seems to be about typing fast. It’s followed up by Car Madness, from Apps-O-Rama, which balances out Mall World with a big dose of muscle car testosterone. Madness has been around for a year, but its MAU had dipped before picking up again a few weeks ago.

Evony is another game that we recently reviewed; you’ll recognize the name from the company’s ubiquitous and rather trashy ads. It’s a strategy game with its own website that uses Facebook Connect, much like some other recently popular and similarly complex games like Sony’s Poxnora.

That covers the top five. A few other names on the list also appeared last week: My Tribe and Island Life are both island games that have grown steadily for a few weeks, while NanoTowns is a up-and-coming city builder and RockFREE takes a shot at the Guitar Hero genre. And if Mall World keeps doing well, it’s also worth keeping an eye on Fashion City, which uses some of the same themes.