Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Need to Know…)

*Kite Flying Gone Wild: In a strange bit of news, Brian Walsh, spokesman for the NRSC, nearly got strangled by kite string while practicing for the upcoming Kite Festival on the Mall. He was flying practice kites in a field late Wednesday on Capitol Hill when the wind went up to 180 mph gusts and the string began winding around and around him beginning with his head. His dog, Rudy, sporting a very fashionable L.L. Bean faux Shearling jacket, looked bewildered but concerned, watching on with horror. While attempting to disentangle Walsh, Rudy made the matters worse and the string tightened, creating a noose-like effect. Soon enough, the pooch (pictured below), went into rescue mode and bit through the string, saving the day — and Walsh. Meanwhile, the Kite Festival has been postponed. Walsh was set to attend, as usual, with a fresh-faced lass and a large, stern German chaperone.

Rudy relaxes in his Shearling jacket.

Piers says lots of people Pah-ty like Chah-lee: There’s more from the bottomless notebook from Wednesday night at the Radio-TV Association’s Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner: CNN’s Piers Morgan, sitting at the next table, was talking about how much he liked interviewing Charlie Sheen and how much he likes Chah-lee. He even defended his extreme partying, saying,  “There will be people doing it tonight, maybe even you.” He also somehow defended his show’s psychedelic blue-green set, saying he liked it. Really? “People either love it or hate it,” he said, adding that he enjoys that the jury rests at either extreme.

Note to Readers: The item on Walsh is categorically untrue (Happy April Fool’s Day), but the item on Piers is indeed fact.