Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know)

The Perks of Being a Reporter: A small group of lucky reporters were wined and dined at a Civil War lunch on Monday at Charlie Palmer Steak. The meal was the History Channel’s way of honoring the 150th anniversary the Civil War. We’re told the wine was delicious and folks could choose from steak, chicken or sea bass. Lunchgoers recieved haversacks with Civil War swag as gifts instead of the usual gift bag, The History Channel is donating $150,000 to National Park Foundation and Civil War Trust. Media types in attendance: Jimmy Alexander, Mix 107.3 FM (Jack Diamond Morning Show); Tim Ryan, Reuters; Kiki Ryan, and Seth Arenstein of CableFax.

Daily Caller Reporter Misses Early Morning Staff Meeting: The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong slept right through this morning’s 8:30 a.m. staff meeting. He has a decent excuse — he was up for much of the night working on the congressional report on last week’s budget deal that was released at about 2 a.m. Strong emailed his editors to tell them he wouldn’t be there. They weren’t too hard on him, apparently. Strong has been known, however, to roll in late to the meetings. “I’m late a lot,” he concedes. “I don’t usually miss it outright.” Read his middle of the night story here.

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