Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

Reporters Treated Like Kings and Queens — Yahoo! News’s Chris Moody has the scoop on the reporter’s lounge at the GOP debate in Orlando sponsored by Google and Fox News. Billowy curtains. Smoothies. Only thing missing: Reflexology foot massages. Read here.

Challenging Chuck Todd – Peter Hart, Activism Director at FAIR (a media watchdog group formally called Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting), goes after NBC’s Chuck Todd for his “Lean Forward” ad now appearing on the network. In it, Chuck’s on his way to work — thankfully he doesn’t crash the car. Hart (pictured at left) writes, “I guess my question is this: Does Chuck Todd have another job? One that more closely resembles this description of a fearless truth-teller, giving voice to the voiceless?” We wrote Hart to inquire about his post. “A TV journalist appearing in a self-promotional ad is pretty normal,” Hart wrote FishbowlDC. “Todd’s strikes me as rather unusual in that it promotes a kind of journalism that he doesn’t really practice. The spots for the more opinionated MSNBC hosts make more sense — they’re trying to reinforce a certain image about a given personality and the network overall. Chuck Todd is someone more associated with utterly conventional Beltway horserace coverage, which makes it rather strange to hear him talking about asking tough questions on behalf of those ‘who can’t be heard.’ It’s probably the way he likes to think about his work, but the Chuck Todd in that commercial doesn’t much resemble the actual Chuck Todd.” Hart did not seek comment from Todd for his post, which struck us as a tad unFAIR. Todd declined to comment to FBDC on Hart’s charge.

Muffin CrockA Politico headline today on a story about the now infamous $16 muffin: “Hilton: They’re bluffin’ with that muffin.” Turns out a non-bureaucratic muffin in real life, even one made with European butter, doesn’t cost nearly that much. WaPo first wrote on the internal report on DOJ’s reckless spending on items such as muffins and coffee. Read here.