Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

Roll Call HOH’s New Offspring Feature – In a new occasional series, HOH will introduce readers to the offspring of lawmakers. This means grandkids, nieces, nephews, spouses of pols who grew up on the Hill and now work here.

A Journo Reacts to Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction… “Headline: Nancy Grace suffers wardrobe malfunction on ‘DANCING’ My reaction?: Nothing could make me click onto that link.” — Pittsburgh Tribune‘s Salena Zito.

Reporters Attack Washington Examiner Editorial: A couple of Washington journos took the Washington Examiner to task for a Tuesday editorial exalting the benefits of driving a car. “If you don’t drive a car, you hate freedom,” bristled Politico‘s Byron Tau on Twitter. And ThinkProgress’s third tier Boybander Matt Yglesias, with his personal account, also weighed in, saying, “Car exhaust fumes are toxic, no matter how much the Washington Examiner dislikes trains.” Read the alleged offending editorial here.

Turtle Journalism…It’s never a surprise at this point that certain sections of WaPo lag behind like tortoises that actually don’t win any race. Yesterday “The Reliable Source” rewrote a story about Prince Charles brushing off media tycoon Joe Allbritton regarding his cookie company. The story had already been written by both the London Times and the Daily Mail — both published about it on Sunday. WaPo cited the Times and then proceeded with their own independent reporting — some of the answers to which were already in the Daily Mail. They reported that a spokesman for Clarence House, a royal home that shares the grounds of Buckingham Palace, said he didn’t know how much Allbritton had invested. But the answer: $750,000 (Daily Mail). Their link on the London Times doesn’t lead to the story because readers have to pay a pound to get inside. Read the WaPo story here. And for the Daily Mail read here. (Full disclosure: FBDC aggregated the story on Monday. We’re not crying attribution foul as the London papers broke the story.)

Story Deserves Prominent Treatment: Roll Call has an intriguing, short, online-only story today about a stray shooting that landed bullets inside the home of a Capitol Hill staffer named Raj Barhwani who lives there with his wife, Jessica. One bullet was found in their newborn’s bassinet. Read here. We got the locks taken off the paywall for this one.