FishbowlDC Salutes Emily Heil: Badass Gossip Gal

If your mom is anything like mine, she used to scare you into behaving on the escalator by relaying horror stories of children’s coats and fingers getting stuck in the massive motorized staircase.

I’d all but forgotten my mother’s warnings and that “escalator” actually means “death trap” in some faraway language until I heard about Roll Call‘s Emily Heil and her head-to-head with the Hilton’s right before WHCA Dinner on Saturday.

Dressed in a lovely coral dress, the “Heard on the Hill” columnist found herself in a sticky situation when the escalator began munching away on the end of her gown.

“Secret Service acted really quickly, stopping the escalator and trying to help me pull it out,” Heil told FishbowlDC. “When that didn’t work, I went all Rocky, and told them to cut me out of it, and they did! Nice to know those guys handle prosaic emergencies as well as national security ones.”

Because we (at least me) would have screamed like a little girl scout, FishbowlDC salutes you, Emily Heil. You are truly a badass journalist.