FishbowlDC’s Brag Book: Brendan Kownacki

Meet brag book’s latest- Brendan Kownacki. On his last big project, Kownacki worked on Inauguration with the Broadcast Management Group, a subsidiary of Mason Media Group, where he served as the Director of Strategy and Development for two years. Prior to that, he worked with “America’s Most Wanted” and, where he created and managed web content.

What working journalist do you most admire and why? I’ve been a fan of Anderson Cooper since he was hosting “The Mole” on ABC — I think he’s very thorough and takes and intelligent approach to his work. I really appreciate his embrace of new media tools, andreaching out to interact with viewers online, in real time. In a world where citizen journalists are becoming increasingly more important, I think CNN (both A.C. and Rick Sanchez) has recognized that fact and takes it into account every day when they tackle the day’s headlines.

Proudest moment in your career? Election season 2008, pushing all the way forward until Inauguration day in January 2009, was the busiest I have ever been at work and is easily my proudest ‘moment.’

What is something that most people don’t know about you? As a kid I remember that Tom Brokaw was my favorite ‘character’ on television. Growing up in the Midwest, I felt very removed from the possibility of one day working in TV, and then one day, I was with my Dad at a shopping mall and we ran into Marc Summers (from “Double Dare,” and now Food Network), and that was the first time it really hit me that people in television were just like everybody else, and that I too could get there one day.

Check out some recent work here and here, and Kowancki on LinkedIn here. You can reach him by email.

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What’s your guilty pleasure? I’m not afraid admit how much I like reality-TV. I love this time of year because my favorite thing to do is guess which shows will make it to midseason or beyond from the newest crop of shows.

What/who is your dream interview? One of the best things about a great interview is that you are going to walk away learning something by the end if you have a great subject. I’d love to sit down with Michael Gelman, Mark Burnett, and Lorne Michaels and see how they interact with one another.

I’d also accept a face-to-face with the producers of “Lost,” if they requested it… but I’m not sure even my journalistic probing could crack the code with them, but I’d be willing to try.

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