FishPoll: Team Tucker or Team Greta?

For the past 24 hours Betsy’s been chronicling Battle Van-Carlson,  the feud between FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson over a Daily Caller post that described in detail lewd remarks about former Governor Sarah Palin, made by convicted rapist and all-around idiot Mike Tyson.  Written by Jeff Poor, the piece recounted an interview Tyson recently gave to a Vegas ESPN affiliate in which he offered vulgar, sexually-charged WTFuckery about Palin’s love life.  After reading the post, Van Susteren went berserk on Carlson, calling him a “pig,” “liar,” etc.

Greta suggests that by running the story, the Caller is guilty of journalistic crimes against women and smut peddling.  Tucker argues that Tyson’s high-pitched squeaks are newsworthy and deserve public scrutiny and condemnation.  What say you?  Read more here and here…and weigh in below.

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