Five Popular Types of PR Tweets

If, like most PR pros, you spend a good deal of time on Twitter tracking journalists, clients, industry influencers or anything else, you begin to notice some trends. Many Tweets often fall into one of five categories, which we’ve carefully outlined for you below.

Is this scientific research? Absolutely not. But it’s all in good fun and we hope you will enjoy it and post your own examples in the comments. Read on for the five popular types of PR tweets.

1) The “I’m hanging out or speaking with an important person/people” Tweet.

This Tweet is almost always perfect for showing potential or current clients, adversaries, co-workers or anyone else you’d like to impress how connected you are. Here, Shift Communications Principal Todd Defren was mingling with San Fran’s finest at the TechCrunch 50 conference.

And, SocialVibe CEO Joe Marchese wants to make sure you know he’s tight with MySpace.

2) The “complaining” Tweet.

This usually has to do with flight delays, web services being down (Gmail, Foursquare) or anything else remotely annoying. There are LOTS of these. In this example, ZDNet Social Business blogger and Fortinet Director of Strategic Communications Jennifer Leggio needs her Foursquare.

3) The “non-disclosure” Tweet.

This is when someone Tweets about some a new product, service, or campaign, but fails to disclose it’s their client. This now gets a lot more risky with the new FTC guidelines. Here, Miko Mercer of tech agency LaunchSquad is the offender.

4) The “overly excited” Tweet.

Does it have more than one exclamation mark? If it does, it falls into this category. This example only has one, but co-founder of digital media agency Carrot Creative Mike Germano is known for his passionate tweets.

5) The “cat fight” Tweet.

This Tweet attempts to lure a high profile Tweeter to respond to your Tweet or blog post, therefore exposing you to all of his or her followers. Hopefully you pick up a few. Score! In this example, Senior Vice President at CRT/tanaka Geoff Livingston gets into it with marketing guru Seth Godin.

[Twitter T-shirt image via GeeksAreSexy]

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