Five Ways to Rock That Summer Internship

It’s that time of year again! And if you’re a summer intern, there are several ways to rock it so you’re doing much more than just fetching coffee.

After all, why not make the most out of the workplace experience in order to learn, grow and ultimately beef up your resume?

Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media, offered some tips in today’s New York Post:

1. Take your assignments seriously. Be committed! Even if you’re given work to keep you busy, don’t take it lightly. He advised, “So take it like a pro, and act like you were born to file, answer phones and make copies in order to earn rewards with more meaningful assignments.”

2. Arrive early, and stay late. This is key and believe us, it gets noticed. And hey, if your apartment isn’t exactly air conditioned, consider it an incentive to put in longer hours.

3. Dress appropriately. In addition to taking your work seriously, take on the same attitude with your appearance. Giangrande mentioned, “Look the part: That means dressing like you work in a professional environment and not like you’re kicking back in your dorm room.”

4. Proceed with caution on social media sites. The next time you update your status or tweet, think twice about mentioning your internship. Proceed with caution and if you decide to post about it, make it upbeat and positive.

That said, he added, “This does not, however, apply to video. The new Vine app may be the latest video craze, but taking unauthorized video around the office might land you in hotter water than a hot tub in South Beach.”

5. Network. Make the most out of the connections you’re building! Schedule time on the calendar to take colleagues out to lunch and ask them about their jobs and career paths. Participate in corporate events and attend events outside the office as well. You never know where one of the new connections may lead.

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