Flack Takes Pie in the Face (And Another Tonight)

Oh, if only all flacks were willing to take a pie in the face in Washington. Brad Bauman (former press sec. to Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) and now communications manager for the Sunlight Foundation) takes a pie in the face to promote a Thursday night organization fundraiser.

The lucky pie thrower in the video linked below is Nicko Margolies, a communications assistant. The pie: for taping purposes it was made of shaving cream, though Bauman had requested key lime. There were technical glitches. Someone brought in Cool Whip (the tub kind) and it didn’t quite work, so they went with delectable Shaving Cream Pie.

Tonight at the fundraiser, Bauman and Sunlight’s Jake Brewer will get another pie in the face (hopefully a real one with sugar and cream) as they auction themselves off to let a member of the audience throw one in their faces – live.

Bauman is a flack for scribes to know (and not just because he has allowed this to go on) — he hosts a variety of hacks & flacks cocktail parties (he’s also a pretty good guy all around!).

Watch the video here.

On April 15th the Sunlight Foundation hosts a fundraiser at Tabaq Bistro featuring live music from the band Finn Riggins and by DJ Bluementhol (Sunlight’s Paul Blumenthal ). Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. This includes an open bar for the first hour and 1 raffle entry. Sunlight will receive 10 percent of all sales made at Tabaq.

RSVP here.

An additional raffle ticket is $5 and gets you T-shirts and such. Among the most desirable prizes are chances to throw a pie at Sunlight’s Jake Brewer and Brad Bauman. Winners of the raffle will be announced at the end of the evening.

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