Team From Smart Keyboard App Fleksy Joins Pinterest

The latest acqu-hire from Pinterest is smart keyboard application Fleksy, which announced in a blog post that its team is joining the social network.

The latest acqu-hire from Pinterest is smart keyboard application Fleksy, which announced in a blog post that its team is joining the social network.

According to VentureBeat, Pinterest did not acquire the app itself and, while chief operating officer Ashley Eleftheriou and founder and CEO Kostas Eleftheriou said in their blog post that Fleksy will remain available in app stores, VentureBeat reported that the app will remain operational “for the foreseeable future,” but updates will be “minimal.”

VentureBeat reported that Kostas Eleftheriou will join Pinterest’s engineering team, adding that financial details of the transaction were unavailable.

Pinterest head of core experience Scott Goodson said in a statement, as reported by VentureBeat:

Pinterest is intensely focused on refining the mobile experiences that make it possible to flow effortlessly through our catalog of ideas—on any device, any place in the world. The Fleksy team is made up of truly noteworthy engineers and world experts in their areas. These technical artists have a history of developing architecturally innovative, highly optimized software.

And the Eleftherious added in their blog post:

Over the years, it has been our great pleasure to bring you the fastest and most reliable typing experience. Building a keyboard, especially a good keyboard, is not an easy task. In fact, it’s really hard. Without all of your support and feedback, it wouldn’t have been possible. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

Fleksy will remain available in the app stores for the foreseeable future, so no need to worry about being forced to re-learn to type on an alternative keyboard.

As a tribute to our incredible community of users we have made the decision to open-source some of the Fleksy components that the blind and visually impaired community grew to love. We trust you’ll do great things with it.

We’ll update you here and send out a tweet when the open-sourced project is ready for your contributions.

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