Fleming Falls for Onion Article

Someone needs to explain parody to Rep. John Fleming (R-La.). A recent status update on the Congressman’s Facebook page links to a story about how Planned Parenthood is building an “$8 billion Abortionplex.” A story that was published by… The Onion. The website Literally Unbelievable posted a screen shot of the link. They are devoted to publishing screenshots of people who mistakenly believe that Onion articles are the real deal. Fleming has since taken the link down from his timeline.

It took us six calls to Fleming’s office to realize a reply was probably going to be a long shot. When it sunk in that they were never going to call us back, we decided to try harder. On our first call, we were greeted by a slow-witted intern who told us that he didn’t know WHO had posted the Facebook article on Fleming’s profile. When we asked when they realized it was a fake, he again answered “I don’t know.” Then, we suggested, if this was indeed a fake story, where might we be able to find “a more reputable abortionplex in the area?” Again he replied, “I don’t know.”

Finally, we spoke to Doug Sachtleben, a real live spokesman for Fleming. He tells FishbowlDC that the article was “inadvertently posted” and taken down “within hours.”