Flickr’s New Twitter Integration May Win Over Disgruntled Instragrammers

And the photo saga continues.

Instagram disconnects, Twitter releases new photo editing capabilities, Pinterest adds supports for Twitter cards and now Flickr has jumped into the fray with a new iOS app that fully integrates with Twitter. And Facebook. And Tumblr.

And it may make Instagrammarians consider relocating.

Mashable reported that Flickr’s new app is pretty fantastic:

Flickr’s beautifully-designed iOS app — the updated version of which arrived in the App Store on Wednesday morning — has been built completely from the ground up. It comes with a fully integrated Twitter experience, as well as photo filters. (It also integrates with Tumblr andFoursquare).

The service’s 80 million users can now upload, edit and add photo-filters to images via its iPhone app. The 15 photo filters — which are named for animals, from the panda and chinchilla to mammoth and aardvark — are powered by Aviary, the same mobile software development company running Twitter’s new photo filter features.

Well! We had to check this out:


And, from someone fond of sharing images on multiple platforms, I have to say I don’t see much reason to keep posting on Instagram – even with the third party workarounds and the IFTTT recipe. Do you?

(Woman about to leave image from Shutterstock)

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