Flip MinoHD Second Generation: More Memory, Larger Screen, More Fun

I remember being happily shocked the first time I tried a Flip Ultra and took a look at what I considered to be a decent quality VGA resolution (640×480) video from an inexpensive and simple to use video camera. I have not bought any of the newer Flip HD (High Definition) products that followed. But, I have seen sample videos and have been very impressed by those samples. Pure Digital Technologies (owned by Cisco) announced a 2nd generation Flip MinoHD video camera this week…

Flip Video Products Page

Here’s how it differs from the 1st generation model:

– Memory increased from 4GB to 8GB
– Video recording time increased from 60 minutes to 120 minutes
– LCD screen is 2 inches diagonal vs 1.5
– LCD resolution is 960×240 vs 528×132

The MiniHD 2nd generation video camera is priced at $299.99.

Via Gizmodo: Next-Generation Flip MinoHD: Sleeker Design, Double the Memory

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