Flood of News-Outlet Apps Accompanies iPad Release

Newspapers and magazines across the land are gearing up for tomorrow’s big debut of software company Apple’s forthcoming release of the iPad, a relatively lightweight device that will allow mobile distribution of digital content. Many major news outlets, including CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, Time, Sports Illustrated and People have already prepped their Web sites for iPad compatibility. “iPad compatibility” mainly means that the site doesn’t require Adobe’s Flash to run. (Apple : Adobe :: Hatfield : McCoy :: Bret “The Hit Man” Hart : Shawn Michaels.)

Not only that, but in advance of the iPad’s arrival, many publications have announced that they have prepared for the day of reckoning with applications, or “apps,” that will allow users of the device to more easily process their content. Some of these apps are free, some cost a one-time fee, some carry a recurring subscription price.

After the jump, a look at apps from Men’s Health, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Marvel Comics and more.

Men’s Health announced its new iPad app today; buyers of the device will not lack for advice on how to do push-ups. The April issue goes on sale via iTunes for $4.99, and the magazine is offering the first 12 pages free, as a sort of tryout.

Likewise, The Wall Street Journal today heralded the dawning of its iPad app. For $3.99 a week, iPadders get access to all the stock-market-y news, videos and charts the Journal has to offer. Current subscribers get free app access, “for a limited time,” the Journal says. And let’s not forget this notable element of the user experience:

Launch advertisers include Buick, Capital One, Coca-Cola, iShares, FedEx and Oracle, with innovative full-screen ad units appearing between article and section pages.

The New York Times, meanwhile, is making its app available for free, but plans to eventually unleash a paid subscription model.

Not to be outdone by journalistic institutions, Marvel Comics has its own iPad entrant, which includes more than 500 Marvel comic books. It will cost $1.99 on iTunes. We’re geeking out, a little.

The Bonnier Corporation announced that many of its titles would be getting the iPad treatment, starting with Popular Science, which the Bonnier press release touts as “The Magazine of Tomorrow.” The Mag+ platform on which Bonnier apps run feature such technological wonders as “Silent Mode,” “Designed Pages” and “Defined Beginning and End.” Here’s what Popular Science will look like in tablet form:

Of course, as we said yesterday, Bloomberg has also unveiled an app. Click here for screenshots of Bloomberg’s new edition, along with some video of The New York Times‘ and The Associated Press’ iPad editions.

Lonely Planet has one, too. For $19.99, users can gaze longingly on the travel publisher’s 1,000 most-recommended experiences. Selections are based on the Lonely Planet book, 1000 Ultimate Experiences.

UPDATE: USA Today also rolled out an iPad app today. It will be free for 90 thanks to a sponsorship by Courtyard by Marriott, and then will be available by subscription. Here’s a picture:

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