F84 Games, Tootsie Roll Industries Partner for Tootsie POP on Mobile

The puzzle game will allow players to complete 120 candy-themed levels in the world of Tootsie.

F84 Games and Tootsie Roll Industries announced their partnership to create digital campaigns for Tootsie Roll products. As part of this partnership, F84 Games will launch Tootsie POP, a mobile puzzle game that will allow players to complete 120 candy-themed levels in the world of Tootsie.

In each level of Tootsie POP, users will need to complete an objective before running out of moves. For instance, one level may ask users to collect Tootsie characters by dropping them to the bottom of the board, while another stage may ask users to collect all of the colored Tootsies on the board, and so on.

Tootsie Pop Screenshots

To play, users will be able to tap on groups of two or more touching Tootsie Pops of the came color to remove them from the board. As players clear large groups of candies during stages, they will create boosters that have different effects. Specifically, the rocket booster will be able to clear every candy in a row, while the dynamite booster will be able to clear all of the candies surrounding it. Finally, the canon booster will be able to clear every candy from the board that matches the canon’s color.

Players will also be able to use five different tools to complete stages. For instance, one tool will allow users to clear a chosen candy from the board, while another tool will allow players to clear every candy of a single color from the board, and so on.

Players will be able to earn up to three stars on each stage. For every 30 stars players earn, they’ll receive a prize pack that can contain free boosters, tools, coins and access to unlimited lives for a limited period of time.

In a release, Jeff Hardy, founder and CEO of F84 Games, commented:

Tootsie Roll has phenomenal brand awareness and nostalgia, having played a key part of Americana pop culture over the past century. We are excited to creatively partner with their team and execute on new ways to bring the brand’s story to life through digital media for the next generation.

Tootsie POP will be available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play starting Oct. 20. The game will support in-app purchases.

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