Flurry: 2013 was biggest Christmas yet for mobile app downloads, but year-to-year growth starting to slow

As tablets and smartphones continue to be the go-to gifts during the holiday season, it should come as no surprise that Christmas 2013 proved to unleash a record setting number of downloads, up 91-percent compared to the average December day leading up to the event.

These findings are part of a recent report released by the mobile measurement and analytics platform Flurry, as the company studied the movement of over 400,000 apps to find what people were doing once they unwrapped that new iOS or Android device.

The study found that overall, Christmas 2013 app downloads increased by 11-percent over 2012, but the year-to-year growth rate has slowed considerably, mostly due to the fact that for many consumers, this is now their second, third, or even fourth device, and these customers are sticking with the apps they already know and trust.

According to Flurry: “New device activations do still spike on Christmas, but that spike is waning compared to years past, and it comes on top of a much larger installed base. That means that when new devices are loaded with apps, the overall impact on app download volume is not as big.

“The biggest growth in mobile now is coming in countries where Christmas is a less significant holiday or not celebrated at all, so new device activations and app downloads come at different times of the year in those places. And because those high-growth areas are joining an already large global market, overall growth rates are less striking than when the mobile market was new.”

Check out the full report for more on Flurry’s findings and what it might mean for app developers.

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