Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary flies onto Android devices worldwide

Mobile game publisher DeNA has announced the launch of Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary on Android devices, complete with the expanded and updated features brought to the iOS version since the game’s launch earlier this year.

In Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary (our review), users take care of a rainforest, collecting and raising more than 100 types of butterflies, each inspired by real world butterfly species.

The game sees players collecting Honedew from butterflies and spending that Honeydew to create pollen within flowers. Butterflies absorb the pollen and level-up, and can be fused into better butterflies. Players hatch new butterflies in an incubator of sorts, and can then raise the baby from a caterpillar into a full-grown adult.

Developed by Runaway, the game includes educational content about its butterflies, which Game Director Tim Nixon says is one of the standout features of the experience.

“We’re thrilled that players have embraced the factual nature of the game, and that it has brought friends and family together through a shared love of nature without feeling too heavy handed,” said Nixon, in a statement.

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary now includes an updated “Flutterpedia,” allowing players to catalog their butterflies and learn more about the rainforest location their butterflies call home. A Kingfisher bird has also been added to the game, sending butterflies off on missions to protect the rainforest.

Along with this, Flutter now features limited time events offering exclusive butterfly sets, Game Center and Facebook integration and additional in-game critters, including a pollinating bumble bee and a frog who will trade fly treats for valuable flowers.

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is now available to download for free on iOS and Android. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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