Flywheel Offers Less Controversial Alternative Taxi App

Flywheel, formerly known as Cabulous, has rebranded and released its latest app for car-less travelors. Unlike Lyft and Uber, Flywheel’s services does not come under political scrutiny as it operates under somewhat conservative means. The app uses the technology of smartphones to improve on existing services rather than relying on independent, peer-to-peer drivers.

Flywheel’s goal is to modernize taxi services while giving consumers and drivers what they want: charging for cancellation fees, removal of unreliable drivers, in-app rider and driver communication. One very convenient feature of Flywheel is the proximity map that shows you all taxis within range. All of these among other services makes the app a lot more compelling in cities where taxi drivers are very reluctant to have cheaper competition.

The app currently has access to over 5,000 drivers and 2,000 cars in the US, and monetizes by charging a flat rate of $0.60 per transaction. Like other taxi related apps, Flywheel allows you to pay with the app so you’ll hardly notice the small surcharge. While Lyft,Sidecar, and Uber continues its numerous litigations on legality, Flywheel is in a key position to capitalize on the inefficient practice of “hailing” a cab.

Via AllThingsD

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