Fmr. TV Newsman’s Home to be Auctioned Off

Today at 2 p.m. there will be a trustees’ sale of former TV newsman Howard K. Smith’s 4.39-acre home in Bethesda. The ad says the “property is believed to offer future townhome development opportunity.”

The auction is being held at the Circuit Court for Montgomery County at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, Md.

The home is 7, 258 square feet and consists of six bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths.

Smith, a former foreign news correspondent for CBS and anchor and commentator for ABC, was known for his controversial ways. For example, from the Museum of Broadcast Communications: “Following the 1977 arrival of Roone Arledge as head of ABC News, Smith found himself being used less and less. In 1979, he resigned from ABC, denouncing Arledge’s evening newscast featuring Peter Jennings, Max Robinson, Frank Reynolds, and Barbara Walters as a ‘Punch and Judy Show.'” More on Smith… “In 1940 he joined United Press as their correspondent in London and Copenhagen, and in 1941 joined CBS news, where he replaced William Shirer as CBS’s Berlin correspondent. The last American correspondent to leave Berlin after war was declared, he reached safety in Switzerland with a manuscript that described conditions in Germany, which became the basis for his best selling book Last Train from Berlin.”