UPDATED: FNC Goes ‘Space Cowboy’ for Primary Analysis

Following Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s victories in the Arizona and Michigan primaries, Fox News panelists broke out their finest bandanas for dorkfest analysis.

Seen above are FNC’s Chris Wallace flanked by political strategists Karl Rove (left) and Joe Trippi (right).

In a tweet, FNC’s Bret Baier described the Broke Back moment as “Space Cowboys.”

We asked FNC’s PR department about the matter. We also sent a note to Baier by Twitter. We’ll update if they let us know the deeper meaning behind those bandanas.

UPDATE: Wallace commented on the bandanas, telling FBDC in an email:

“When Karl, Joe, and I started doing our panel for the primary season, I started calling them the “Space Cowboys”—from the movie about old-timers who come back and save the day, Karl loved it, and showed up Tuesday night with 3 bandanas.  When we were doing our second to last hit at 11:15 last night, we decided to put them on—to celebrate the fact that Karl and Joe had called the Michigan race with their back of the envelope calculations an hour before all the computers did.  The Space Cowboys came through again.”