FNC Welcomes Tucker Carlson From Miami (Sort of)

Fox News and The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson had to be hyped for this morning’s interview on Fox and Friends. Couldn’t have been more of a win-win. Carlson’s a Fox News Contributor. Steve Doocey is obviously not someone who looks at Media Matters of America with any fondness. This was a major opportunity to beat up on the liberal media watch dog group with “tax exempt” status as Doocey emphasized.

So how deflating that the satellite failed when they first tried to beam in Carlson from Miami.

“Problem with the satellite, we’re going to take a break,” said Doocey.

When they returned, they had Carlson by telephone. Then a few minutes later, without warning, there he was by satellite live from Miami! “The level of paranoia around David Brock is really remarkable,” said Carlson of the MMFA founder. Doocey and Carlson chewed on the red meat of internal memo in which then-employee Karl Frisch proposed hiring PI’s to get dirt on Fox News employees. “People do not write this down,” Carlson stressed. “But they did.”

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