FNC’s Garrett Deemed Heroic for Tweeting While Drinking

Can FNC’s White House correspondent Major Garrett get a TWI? As we move into Prom weekend and the parties leading up to it, FishbowlDC will be discussing TWD (Twittering While Drinking), RWD (Reporting While Drinking) and which reporters are fit for such acts.

This past weekend journos got a whiff of of Garrett’s absinthe as far away as Prague, where he was traveling with President Obama. Karl Frisch, a Media Matters contributor, tweeted, “Wishing I was as drunk as Fox News’ @MajoratWH’s twitter feed indicates he may be.”

HuffPost’s Jason Linkins wrote a brief story on Garrett’s booze-soaked tweets, with a headline, Major Garrett is America’s Most Heroic Twitterer. The story praises Garrett’s drinking and reporting skills while admitting he, too, was drinking as he wrote the drinking story about Garrett’s drinking. Linkins writes, “FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m drinking a Pabst even as I type this. I’m pretty sure the mojito is Vaclav Havel’s favorite drink, too.”

A sampling of Garrett’s tweets can be seen in the HuffPost story, but here’s one he wrote to Agence France-Presse’s White House correspondent Olivier Knox: @oknox Wish you were here, too. Absinthe, Marbury v Madison, MIRV and ABM…a laugh riot w/policy and booze!!

Questions for Readers: Acceptable or not? Can a reporter be trusted to write an accurate story when he or she’s blitzed or well on his or her way? Tell us your thoughts on boozing it up while tweeting and reporting at fishbowldc@mediabistro.com.