Christian Teen Magazine Brio Relaunches With Duck Dynasty Granddaughter on the Cover

Focus on the Family revives a brand shut down in 2009

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Shut down in 2009, the evangelical magazine Brio is rising up from the print-dead eight years later. At this Easter holiday time, or any other point on the 2017 calendar, it amounts to a minor miracle.

For today’s edition of NPR’s Morning Edition, Sarah McCammon spoke with some of the publication’s former fans and provided details of the relaunch. The same publishers, Focus on the Family, are backing it:

The first issue of the revamped magazine will feature Sadie Robertson, granddaughter of Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty reality TV series. The elder Robertson, who is popular among some conservatives, has been criticized for his public statements about homosexuality.

Bob DeMoss, vice president of content development for Focus on the Family, says the new Brio won’t often be overtly political, but will put forward what he describes as a “biblical” worldview — including opposition to LGBT relationships, abortion and premarital sex.

Slate, for its coverage, went with the snarky headline “Brio, the Hottest Magazine for Teen Girls Who Fear Acne and the Almighty, Is Back!” But in these times, a wholesome publication of any kind is a welcome addition to the newsstand racks. At the Focus on the Family digital storefront, here is a sample of feedback from the target audience:

As a 27-year-old, whose mom had Brio sent to her MANY years ago, I was so glad to see Brio is back to enhance and enrich the lives of teen girls who need to see Christ’s light in their lives.

I actually met one of my best friends through the Brio pen pal program. This past summer I traveled to her home for her wedding so we meet for the first time after many years of hand-written letters, emails, phone calls, Facebook messages and texts. I hope y’all bring back the pen pal program! I know my pen pal and I will be life long friends, all because of Brio.

I hope that Brio can be the light to many girls, like it was for me. Thank you, thank you so much for bringing back Brio! I hope one day I have a daughter and Brio will be around for her.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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