Folio: Publishes Bewildering Piece About Magazine Innovation

The headline: “Want To Innovate? Look To The Little Guys.

The content: “Kalmbach, which publishes 15 special interest magazines with total circulation of 1 million plus, knows what they are and what they need to be, even amidst the changes of the media industry…[Kalmbach has] faith in a model that works … and [is] not just chasing the latest fad for its own sake.”

In any case, Kalmbach Publishing Co., which may be most well-known (in this circle, anyway) outside the general area of Waukesha, Wisc., for The Writer, just purchased Cabin Life for an undisclosed sum. They’re doing well: $50 million in sales for each of the past six years, and president Gerald “Butch” Boettcher made Folio:’s list for the top 40 notables in the magazine industry.

And the company is innovating, or not, or something. W.T.F.