Follow Jesus on Twitter and Watch the Easter Story Unfold, 140 Characters at a Time [Video]

This past Easter weekend, those who celebrated got a little digital treat – a five minute video depicting the story of Easter as if it all happened on Twitter.

If you “Followed” Jesus on Twitter this weekend, you would have been part of the Easter story yourself. Andrew, Philip, James, Nathanael and other disciples all followed Jesus early on, tweeting that he was the messiah.

“We have found the Christ!” types Peter.

“He’s the one Moses talked about!” exclaims Philip.

And these early disciples are even using hashtags to talk about the messiah: “A paralyzed man just walked. #unbelievable” tweets James.

As the video moves on, Jesus’ follower count slowly ticks upwards, reaching over 5,000 and then 15,000. He continues to perform miracles, but some of his followers start unfollowing him because they don’t believe his message. Through secretive direct messages, some plot to kill him… and if you don’t know the rest of the Easter story, you should check out this video.

The video was created by Igniter Media, a firm that produces short videos for churches.

So, if you’re still munching on those chocolate Easter eggs, enjoy this nice festive Twitter accompaniment: