Follow These Sites/Twitter Handles to Learn About Modern Africa

As PR (and other industries) continue to build their businesses across the African continent, it has become imperative that they gain local knowledge.

Social Media Week kicked off yesterday and, here in New York, the day ended with, among the cocktail parties and other discussions and festivities, an event titled “Meet the Afropolitans: Digital Media + Culture in Africa.” Moderated by Ngozi Odita, the founder of Society HAE, the discussion started with a look at some research into digital practices across the continent.

Portland Communications, which has offices in London, New York, and Nairobi, Kenya, found that the top three tweeting countries in Africa are South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, with Eqypt and Morocco not too far behind. Moreover, their research found that most tweeters are between the ages of 20 and 29 years old and most activity is being logged on mobile devices. You can gather more info about that study here, and we have an infographic after the jump.

As the study and the panel made clear, Africa is made up of separate and unique countries. So blanket statements won’t do.

For example, Kathleen Bomani, event manager for Africa Gathering, noted that while her country, Tanzania, isn’t top on the list of countries with access to the Web, a legal change in July will lower taxes on Web connections, which will drive people online.

In other words, each country needs to be looked at separately if you’re going to be connecting with people digitally or otherwise.

Society HAE provides a complete list of the recommended websites and Twitter handles from last night’s panel here. Among them, and Besides Bomani (@KateBomz), the other panelists included Essence senior editor Yolanda Sangweni (@AfripopMag), and writer, DJ, and producer Chief Boima (@ChiefBoima).

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