Follow This Facebook Page To Aid Cancer Research

The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation's Facebook page needs your like in order to raise up to $125,000 in April.

The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation announced a new campaign to help raise money for cancer research via Facebook.

An anonymous donor agreed to contribute to the charity $1 for every new fan that KCRF garners on Facebook, plus offer a 50 percent match on each dollar donated to the foundation, giving up to $125,000 in April.

Called the “Repeat the Wave” campaign, it commemorates the one year anniversary since the foundation announced its participation in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. In that contest, KCRF won enough votes to get the first place prize, a $250,000 grant from Pepsi.

This year the foundation hopes to raise another $250,000 through their social media efforts. All the money raised will go towards awareness and research towards the Kanzius Non-invasive Radio Wave Cancer Treatment.

So far, the page has just over 10,000 followers, and updates on the wall said that they raised $31,405 already in just four days.

On the welcome tab you can learn how to donate money directly to the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation and also find out more about what the organization does.

The Facebook page also asks fans to “spread the wave” by telling your network about the campaign to raise money. Become a fan now – the campaign ends on April 30.