How To Follow The Pope (Or Anyone) On Twitter Without Joining Twitter

Have some friends who are on the fence about joining Twitter for whatever crazy reason – and want a way to convince them to join? Entice them by letting them see what some interesting folks tweet!

No, you don’t have to sit beside them with your Twitter open or send screenshots of tweets, you just need to direct them to this handy website and provide them with a few simple instructions (along with that list of great Twitter accounts to follow) and voila! We bet they’ll be tweeting in no time.

We told you about Tweets by Email before, but focused on how it could help grow  your follower count. Now we’re going to tell you how your non-Twitter savvy friends can benefit from this free service (and how you will too).

Tweets by Email sends you a daily digest in an easy to skim format, sharing tweets from sources you subscribe to on the Tweets by Email site.

First you look for places to subscribe to (can also search by Twitter handle here, so break out that list!):

You can subscribe to five sources for each group you create – and you’ll receive one email per group. So if your Nana wants to read what the Pope tweets, for example, but there’s NO way she’s signing up for Twitter, assuming she’s good with email, her Tweets by Email subscription may look like this:


After a while, they’ll likely feel the urge to see what else Twitter has to offer – and maybe they’ll join and start tweeting your naked baby pics. Or maybe they’ll just continue on as-is, maybe adding a few additional subscriptions. Either way, it will help you speak the same Twitterverse language. Eventually.

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@MaryCLong Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost. She writes about everything online and is published widely, with a focus on privacy concerns, specifically social sabotage.
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