Food Host Highlights Herself in Bed

“Capital Cooking: Around the Globe” is an original travel and food series hosted by Lauren DeSantis that airs each Friday on WETA. Most recently, DeSantis sent out a promotional email regarding a newsletter to presumed viewers of her TV show and readers of her “Capital Cooking” website. Accompanying the email is a picture of DeSantis lying on a bed in a revealing pose with a portion of her breast exposed. Look close: Her bedspread includes a logo of the show.


The subject line: “Legally delicious.” It doesn’t appear to specifically refer to anything, but then again the picture is also a head scratcher.

She writes, “Thanks for reading the Capital Cooking Newsletter. We strive to create content that you want to read. Please shoot me an email if there is something of interest that you’d like us to cover. Happy Eating, Lauren.”

So…If you’re promoting a cooking show, why a glamour shot in the bedroom and not in the kitchen? A reader writes into FishbowlDC to answer her question as to what she should cover. “Um, your bra, how about that?” the reader writes. “Please cover your bra.”