Football Endless Runner Touchdown Hero: New Season Rushes Onto iOS

The football-themed endless runner challenges players to earn as many touchdowns as possible without being tackled.

To celebrate the arrival of a new NFL season, Cherrypick Games has released Touchdown Hero: New Season on mobile devices. The sequel to the original Touchdown Hero, the game is a football-themed endless runner, challenging players to earn as many touchdowns as possible on an endless field before eventually being tackled.

During each game, the player runs automatically, and gamers drag their finger on the screen to move him around the field to avoid the opposing team’s players. Players can briefly lift their finger from the screen for a wider view of the field, and as a bar charges at the top of the screen, can activate special speed boosts to potentially avoid an oncoming attacker.

When players are eventually tackled, they can watch a video ad to earn a second chance at the same game, or start from the beginning.

As players clear each individual football field, they earn touchdown points, which correspond to the game’s many unlockables. By completing specific tasks, like earning a large number of touchdowns across all games, players can unlock new playable characters, as well as uniforms for their teams. Gamers also have the option of unlocking every team (and removing ads) for a one-time purchase of $2.99. An additional purchase option will decrease the recharge time of the speed boost (and also remove ads) for $0.99.

Martin Kwasnica, CEO and co-founder at Cherrypick Games, told SocialTimes:

Coming off the success of Touchdown Hero, we are excited to bring this new sequel. We enhanced the original formula with tons of new features and improvements like team customization and skill move maneuvers among many others.

Touchdown Hero: New Season is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The original Touchdown Hero has been downloaded more than two million times worldwide.