For 25th Anniversary, Tetris Gets Social Via Facebook

Here’s something all video game fans can appreciate. Late Friday afternoon, Electronic Arts branch, EA Mobile and The Tetris Company announced a rather curious Facebook application called “The Human Tetris Project.” Making use of Facebook’s social capabilities, the app is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 1985 game from Russian designer, Alexey Pajitnov.

The new app is intended as a physical representation of what is called the “Tetris Effect.” Essentially, this is when people devote so much time and attention to something, that it begins to overshadow normal thoughts (let’s face it, we’ve all thought about how real-world objects could fit together Tetris-style).

The new game accomplishes this by allowing Tetris fans to take the form of actual Tetris blocks, or “Tetriminos.” The process is simple enough: Users merely have to visit the app or stand-alone site (which redirects you anyway) and upload one of their Facebook photos. Upon doing so, they can put up to a 25-character message to go with the image, touting their fandom… or whatever else crosses their mind. Just be careful what you write, as anyone can click your image and visit your homepage. Once submitted, an ID number is granted that lets you search for your new Tetrimino image, and share it with friends.

As for the display itself, each image appears in one of the small blocks used to make up the colorful, larger ones we are all familiar with. As each one falls, we get a glimpse of who its made up of, see where they are from and whatever it is they wrote. Oh, and of course, this is all coupled with that all too nostalgic Tetris music – except since this is 2010 and not 1985, its received a bit of an electronic rock upgrade.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to play the game itself, and all the pieces are placed automatically, but it still pretty cool to see just how many people are participating and where they are from. Already, there are over 2000 fans, and they stem from not only the United States, but parts of Russia, France, Canada, Brazil, and other countries around the world.

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