For Media Buyers And Planners, Recession’s End Is Farther Away

Fifty five percent of media buyers polled by Media Life believe the recession won’t end until the second half of 2010, a 29 percent increase since June 2009 when Media Life conducted its last poll.

Only 7 percent believe the recovery will begin in the first half of 2010, and 22 percent think we’ll have to wait til 2011 to see progress.

Salaries are still frozen for most buyers (69 percent in June, 67 now) and no large cuts seem to have come from the employees polled. In June, 44 percent said that their agencies had seen “major” cuts; that number rose to 48 in this poll.

Those polled still believe business at their agencies is flat (43 percent in June, 46 percent now)

(Disclaimer: Scientific? Hardly. This was a self-selecting poll and the sample size wasn’t given.)

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