‘For the Term of His Natural Life’ App Merges Video & Text Storytelling

When Patricia Payne, producer of the mini-series For The Term of His Natural Life, set out to adapt the classic novel by Marcus Clarke into an iPad app, she didn’t want to simply want to make an eBook.
Instead, she combined the novel with the award winning miniseries starring Anthony Perkins to create an interactive eBook story experience. It’s not just an eBook with DVD extras or a film with bonus reading material. The app requires the viewer to both watch the videos and read the text to advance the narrative. The story includes a 300-page condensed version of the novel, alongside 18 video segments from the miniseries. The app is also loaded with other features to help tell the story including interactive footnotes, maps and historical documents, as well as  clips from the 1927 silent film adaptation of the book.
“The app platform provides a terrific opportunity to present this timeless tale for the tablet audience today. The user gets a truly engrossing experience interacting with the variety of multimedia forms,” explained Payne in a statement. Follow this link to check out the app’s trailer.

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