For Those Who Missed Us Today

We understand that not everybody can stay on Twitter hitting refresh all day, so you may have missed some of our stuff from the Free Press summit here in DC this morning. Too, what with the ethereality of Twitter, we thought we’d not make the same mistake as last year (all our reporting gone) and archive this stuff.

Click the jump to read some of the best news from the summit, including a job opening announcement:

Josh Silver, free press founder: “You’re all Twittering instead of listening to me. This is great; I can say anything.”

Alberto Ibarguen of Knight Foundation: we believe information is crucial to democracy. #fpsummit

Free Press’s Craig Aaron: maybe the future of journalism is panels about the future of journalism. #fpsummit

Josh Silver, Free Press: “many communities have few to no reporters acting as their eyes and ears. It really is a crisis.”

FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn speaking, says “we should have public hearings OUTSIDE DC on the Comcast/NBCu merger.” Applause. #fpsummit

FCC’s Clyburn: new business models for media don’t support newsgathering. As in: you can be profitable or you can do journalism, not both.

Andrew Noyes, Facebook: added “like” button, saw 290% increase in referral traffic., 250% up. Wow #fpsummit

Q about citizen journalism: curate reader responses or just hook up a fire hose? #fpsummit

Deanna Zandt, author: curation will always be important. Develop relationships with your community and they will do some of the curation for you. #fpsummit

Craig Aaron, Free Press: there is no longer enough private money in the world to support the amount of news we need. #fpsummit

Economist’s top-ranking countries on Democracy List all heavily subsidise public media, says FP’s Aaron. US ranks 18th #fpsummit

David Fanning, EP of Frontline: there is “so little” competition for the kind of journalism Frontline does. #fpsummit

Fanning: public media in the old days was so full of enterprise. We’ve lost energy to encourage real enterprise in public media. #fpsummit

Fanning: “This is the most exciting time to be a journalist. You won’t get paid anything but you weren’t going to be anyway.” #fpsummit

John Tate w/ BBC: “Vertically integrated journalism is important but expensive. We must get good talent and pay them well” #fpsummit

Citizen journalism: not cheap or limitless. Still have to curate. Farai Chideya, Pop&Politics: “Darn, free lunch gone again!” #fpsummit

Fanning of Frontline: can’t solve the newsroom diversity problem when there is so little journalism going on. …Rebuild the newsrooms, allow room for diverse programming, and diversity will follow. #fpsummit

Frontline is “actively” hiring, Fanning sez! Send in your resumes!

Chideya: “There’s not going to be enough money for specialists” in newsrooms anymore. It’s true but sad. #fpsummit

Chideya: there are a lot of people who understand journalism who are not journalists. Wikipedia editors etc. Interesting thought! #fpsummit

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