Favorites From Forbes‘s ’30 Under 30’ List

Forbes released it’s annual “30 under 30” lists today. Featured on the media list are names you’d expect and those for which you’d need to suspend critical thinking to comprehend how this could’ve happened.

But for better or worse, we’ve picked our favorite additions to this year’s list with our own reasoning.

WaPo’s Ezra Klein– Because it’s become increasingly clear that you can’t have a list about media figures without including Klein. Hell, we even made our own entirely dedicated to Klein and his evolving hairstyles.

HuffPost Live‘s Abby Huntsman– Because when you make a list of highly-accomplished media professionals, Abby leaps to the forefront of America’s conscious. But not that America. The other America that former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was always talking about…

Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore– Because those honey-almond highlights are to. die. for.

BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins– Because of his forthcoming, often intimate work broaching his own life experience in the Mormon church in the year of Mitt Romney.

American Reader‘s Uzoamaka Maduka– Because the quota for an exotic, nearly impossible to pronounce name demands it.

Salon‘s Alex Pareene– Because Donald Trump called him a “lightweight reporter” and a “total joke.” And anyone who earns the ire of the always-bloated Trump is enough of a reason to put the little porn mustachioed scribe on a list. At least for today.