Forbes Cuts 40-100: Who Is Left?

Forbes magazine has let go a number of people from the editorial side of the magazine. We knew these cuts were coming, but Silicon Alley Insider’s Dan Frommer appears to have broken the news on Twitter a few hours ago:

Frommer’s girlfriend Lauren Sherman was a reporter there, covering luxury fashion and retail; Anita Raghavan, London bureau chief, is also among those said to have gotten the ax today. Chana Schoenberger, associate editor in Tokyo, and Andy Stone, a senior reporter and deputy chief of reporters, may also be getting pink slips.
Update: Gawker is reporting that Klaus Kneale is also among those let go. Kneale, whose official title was Assistant Editor, CEO Network at, bylined the popular Weekly Layoff Report. We’d call it ironic, but kind of like the Alanis song, it’s not ironic, just depressing.
Update: Anna Vander Broek, another reporter, has Tweeted that she also got cut.
Update: We’re also hearing that Lauren Streib was among those cut, as is Zack O’Malley Greenburg, who covered sports, hip-hop, and travel.

A Forbes spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm the number of cuts to our colleague at FishbowlNY; David Carr at the NYT is reporting that 40 to 60 people are losing their jobs today. That number seems more probable than 100; there are only 200 or so editorial staffers left at the paper.