Forbes Cuts: More Names

All in all, at least 27 staffers are said to have been cut at Forbes—horrible, but not as bad as the rumored 100, which would have been half of the editorial team.

Counting the layoffs on the business side, of course, might get you closer to 100.

Below are the names of the folks who we’ve found have lost their jobs…

Lauren Sherman, reporter, covering luxury fashion and retail
Anita Raghavan, London bureau chief
Chana Schoenberger, associate editor in Tokyo
Andy Stone, a senior reporter and deputy chief of reporters
Klaus Kneale, assistant editor, CEO network at ((source))
Anna Vander Broek, reporter (source) that she also got cut.
Lauren Streib, reporter (source)
Zack O’Malley Greenburg, reporter, who covered sports, hip-hop, and travel
Scott Woolley, LA Bureau Chief
Bernard Condon, senior editor (source)

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