Crunching the Forbes Freelancer Numbers

In his latest dispatch, Forbes chief product officer Lewis DVorkin shares some specific and very interesting numbers about last-year earnings of freelance contributors.


There are roughly 400 paid freelance contributors. Of that number, DVorkin explains, 15% were able last year through the outlet’s audience-based incentives program to surpass a critical yardstick:

Individually, 60 made as much or more in 2013 than the $45,250 a year the Bureau of Labor Statistics says is the nationwide average for a professional reporter or correspondent. Five or so have built loyal big enough loyal audiences (the model pays more for repeat visitors) to top $100,000. Many dozens more make between $10,000 and $25,000.

There are 40 full-time staffers contributing to the Forbes blog network and another 800 or so contributors who have yet to graduate to the earnings tier. DVorkin has always been very transparent about what he is trying to build and continually tweak. Read the rest of his latest here.

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