Ford’s Pregame Super Bowl Ad Shows It’s Dedicated to the Age of Mobility

90-second spot takes aim at Uber, Telsa and Google

Ford wants to be a player in the tech space. - Credit by Ford
Headshot of Christopher Heine

Ford ran a 90-second ad between Super Bowl LI’s coin toss and kickoff tonight, catching marketers’ attention not just because of the length of the spot—Fox has been getting $5 million per 30 seconds for in-game commercials—but also due to its tech focus.

The automotive brand provided several hints that it’s absolutely serious about being a player in a space that people are commonly referring to as “mobility,” which encompasses self-driving cars, ride-sharing apps and bike sharing. These are territories currently dominated by the likes of Uber, Lyft, Google and Telsa, as opposed to Ford’s more-traditional rivals like General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Ford has been making its intentions clear in recent months, partnering with Lyft last year while committing to a strategy of fully autonomous cars on the road by 2021. Typically carmakers pitch particular models and makes when they spend Super Bowl money—in order to get a big return on investment—and here Ford was hailing itself as more of a tech company.

The 90-second spot’s creative revolves around the frustration of being stuck in traffic, at home, on a lake, and other commonly understood scenarios.

Check out the reactions and spot below.

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