Foreign Languages Appear on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s list of Facebook’s fastest-emerging apps still under a million monthly active users reveals just how multi-lingual the social network is becoming. If we overlook the games, several top apps — Profile picture analyzer, Мисуиш ли? and 恐龍時 代 — are respectively in German, Bulgarian and Chinese. The second of the trio is a friend quiz, and the third is a farming game (although it’s not listed as such).

You may also notice that gains in this category look higher than usual; that’s because a bug at Facebook led to MAU not being reported for two weeks. So the growth you see below is essentially for that period of time.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Profile picture analyzer 503,684 +449,109 +822.92
2. Мисуиш ли? 612,341 +448,367 +273.44
3. Jungle Life 890,481 +430,078 +93.41
4. Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 707,972 +417,373 +143.63
5. Monster World 869,527 +413,469 +90.66
6. Jewell Stars 655,624 +369,125 +128.84
7. 恐龍時 代 368,487 +368,308 +205,758.66
8. Extended Info 633,893 +321,869 +103.16
9. Drinks for All! 390,965 +303,959 +349.35
10. Pool Master 995,181 +278,836 +38.92
11. My Empire 276,339 +270,498 +4,631.02
12. Age of Champions 341,575 +251,596 +279.62
13. Baking Life 358,483 +249,896 +230.13
14. phrases 4 fun 298,125 +240,810 +420.15
15. 瘋狂診 所 239,466 +233,057 +3,636.40
16. My Casino 873,373 +214,801 +32.62
17. How Sexy [Daily] 265,478 +214,140 +417.12
18. Castle & Co 391,007 +213,939 +120.82
19. Welcome Tab for pages 539,752 +210,477 +63.92
20. Bubble Paradise 358,338 +202,903 +130.54

As usual, we’re covering games like Jungle Life and Monster World over at Inside Social Games. The next non-game app to look at is Extended Info, which we first saw was growing on Wednesday. Despite the extended lockup of MAU data, we can guess that Extended Info, which adds more to Facebook’s basic info fields, doubled in size over just a few days; its DAU numbers spiked sharply starting Monday.

At number nine, Drinks for All! is the latest popular gifting app, providing pictures of popular drinks. It’s followed by a similarly fluffy app, phrases 4 fun, which accumulates amusing lines from around the web. And going a step even further down the simplicity scale, we have How Sexy [Daily], which provides a randomly generated number that’s supposed to tell you, of course, how sexy you are.

Finally, Welcome Tab for pages is worth pointing out, despite its relatively low position at number 19. This is the latest app we’ve seen that purports to compete with Facebook’s own Static FBML. Its strategy is to simplify — Page owners can add a photo or text “welcome” with just a few clicks.

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