Foreign Policy Makes Big Announcements

Seeing as Foreign Policy Magazine lost its Editor-in-Chief Susan Glasser last week to Politico, the higher ups have to be feeling pleased that they have major announcements to share in a staff meeting today at 10 a.m.

This morning members of FP‘s staff are learning that the publication has hired a new editorial leadership team. In the coming weeks, the site will also get a facelift in the form of a “major redesign.” At the top of the leadership pack is Noah Shachtman of Wired‘s Danger Room. He’ll be Executive Editor of News.

Whether this is hype or not, the news comes across as energetic and positive in a morning release. Schactman will join FP’s Peter Scoblic and Ben Pauker in “key roles as the organization builds on the momentum gained through record-breaking readership numbers, an exploding digital presence, and nationally-recognized, award-winning coverage on the world’s leading global issues.”

Scoblic will will be Executive Editor, Analysis and Commentary, and responsible for Foreign Policy magazine and’s roster of columnists and essayists. Pauker has been promoted from Senior Editor to Managing Editor for the website and magazine. He’ll oversee contributors, foreign dispatches, and newsletters.

See the quote from Editor-at-Large David Rothkopf and more hires…

“With this team leading our operations on a daily basis and our great staff and global network of contributors, FP is better positioned than ever to move forward with our planned expansion of coverage—both regionally and in key areas including economics, energy and technology,” said Rothkopf. “In the coming weeks and months we will see a major website redesign, the introduction of a new membership service offering an expanding array of products to support the efforts of our readers who depend on FP coverage to do their daily jobs, and the preparation of a global series of events that will take place on four continents during the next 18 months.”

New hires include Rebecca Frankel who returns to the magazine from book leave. She’ll be Special Projects Editor. They’ve also hired Washingtonian‘s Shane Harris, who will be a senior writer.