Forget Online Video…The Future Of YouTube Is Just Video

Online video is passé. The future of online video is just plain video.

Online video is passé.  The future of online video is just plain video.  In a video interview with, YouTube’s Director of Global Content Operations, Tom Pickett, elaborates.

In his interview with’s Andy Plesser, Pickett says, “When we think about online video, really it’s just video.  And that video is going to be available anywhere and everywhere.  YouTube is going to be the place that makes it really easy for you to reach your audience no matter where they are—which platform or where they are in the world.”  As online video continues to expand to mobile, connected TV and beyond, dropping the “online” and taking on a broader definition of multi-platform video, YouTube is prepared to be at the forefront.

YouTube mobile is already growing like crazy.  According to Pickett, roughly 10% of YouTube views now come from mobile.  That is a huge number.  Based on the latest comScore online video stats, it means that mobile viewers are watching around 14 million videos per month.  It also doesn’t hurt that YouTube is owned by the same company as one of the pioneers in connected TV—Google TV.

YouTube is also gearing up by preparing for a major site revamp.  We posted yesterday on a Wall Street Journal report about massive changes in line to help YouTube compete with broadcast and network television, including the addition of a number of channels with professional content.  While this hasn’t yet been officially confirmed by YouTube, it is hinted at in the video as well.  Global Head of the YouTube Next Lab, Lance Podell, mentions helping creators to hone their content to make it great, “and then help curate and program [that content] into great networks throughout YouTube.”  Pickett also mentions in the interview that YouTube is interested in working with creators, through their new YouTube Next Labs, to really begin working with niche creators to start targeting and engaging specific audiences more.

YouTube has done quite well with their Creator Program so far, in terms of building loyal fan bases and bringing more traffic to the site.  Pickett says that there are over 22,000 YouTube Partners to date and hundreds are making 6 figures a year.  He also says that each year for the past 2 years YouTube has tripled the amount of money that they pay out to content creators.  Will their creators help them to move from the “online video” arena to video everywhere?  What do you think?  Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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