Former Associated Press Editor to Head PR for BP

It’s a tough job, but someone with a solid journalistic background’s gotta do it.

Yesterday we learned that Liz Sidoti, most recently the national politics editor for the Associated Press, will now work as one of the top PR names at BP (that’s “beyond petroleum” to you).

In an email acquired by the Huffington Post, Sidoti told family and friends that she will be “managing a great group of professionals in the press shop, internal communications, speech writing and social/digital media sectors.”

True, but the most interesting part of this story will, of course, be her attempts to help BP shrug off its status as one of the world’s most hated brands.

In Sidoti’s own words, she’ll aim to “tell BP’s story of how they are more safely providing a necessary resource for a world” that still runs on oil no matter how many solar panels we put up or how many emissions we regulate.

We’re confident that she can, at the very least, help the company avoid making the painfully obvious mistakes of former CEO Tony Hayward, who called the infamous oil spill “tiny” and had the cajones to tell a reporter that he’d “like [his] life back.

No one can be sure of BP’s damage control plan moving forward, but for the record we doubt the value of “The State of the Gulf“, a site and feed created to “set the record straight” aka “directly attack BP’s accusers and complain about all the money the company has already spent fixing the spill.”

What we’re saying is good luck to Sidoti; she’s going to need it.

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@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.